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Information about the Contest:

VII international contest of school and student projects for conservation of natural ecosystems in the Baltic and Barents seas B3 – BELLONA BARENTS BALTIC

Environmental law center "BELLONA" announces the VII International contest of school and student projects "B3 – BELLONA BARENTS BALTIC". Pupils, university students and students of other educational institutions with projects aimed at the conservation of natural ecosystems and their components in the Baltic and Barents seas are invited to take part in the contest.

Individual and group works in Russian and English can be submitted in the contest in the following categories:

  • Protection of seas from pollution;
  • Countering industrial emissions that pollute the environment;
  • The use of international and foreign experience for the protection of the environment;
  • Environmental problems of cities;
  • Art against pollution (photo, drawing, video, audio, etc.)
  • "Project" of the Arctic sea: 2.0";
  • "Factors affecting Arctic ecosystems and how to deal with them";
  • "Threats to the protected areas of St. Petersburg and their prevention";
  • "I live in St. Petersburg too!" (photo contest dedicated to the inhabitants of the protected areas of St. Petersburg);

Projects can be presented in three age groups:

  • younger pupils (up to 12 years);
  • senior pupils (over 12 years);
  • university students and students of professional educational institutions;

Carefully read all the requirements for the project specified in the Regulations on the contest. Abstract works, as well as works performed by teachers, cannot participate in the contest!

Announcement of the winners of the contest will be held on 2 December 2019, the International Pollution Prevention Day. The winners are awarded with diplomas and valuable prizes. All participants receive a Certificate of participation in electronic form. Heads of the contest works receive personal thanks from the organizers of the Contest. Lists of winners and their photos will be published on the website www.bellona.ru

Registration and Test: